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Read a sampling of projects we have successfully executed over 14 years in business.

From upstream to downstream, we have supported investigations and claims for exploration and production equipment from downhole to surface equipment and on through gathering and pipelining equipment and back through disposal.  We have dealt with equipment used for field separation, gas compression, dehydration and liquids extraction, gas and oil sweetening, water disposal right through upgrading and refining to chemical processing.  Field to plant equipment, rotating or static pressure vessels, we have the experience for your oil field or petrochemical related losses.

Outside of oil and gas we have experience with many other industrial and resource related industries including gas, oil and biomass power generation, hydroelectricity, coal mining, logging/forestry, water treatment, and component and equipment manufacturing.  

Our work takes us to sawmills, specialized mobile equipment. coal and gas power plants, biomass boilers, pelletizing plants and emergency backup generators.  The list goes on to include Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) and other waste heat recovery based power generation systems as well.  High speed turbines through to low speed mills, collectively our engineers have worked on most industrial equipment.  See the list below for a sampling of our projects.

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Projects Listing

Ammonia Reformer Furnace Overheat and Retubing

Investigation, Clerk of Works/Construction Surveyor, Claim Support ($10M Property) 

Chemical Plant Reactor Vessel Cracking

Investigation, Operating plant ($20M Property, $30M Business Interruption) 

Commercial Chiller Tube Failure

Investigation (Carrier, McQuay and York) 

Chlorine Gas Compressor Failure

Scope of Damage, Repair Support.  Included replacement of obsolete component parts. 

Various Compressor Failures

Investigation, Claim Support, Litigation Support 

· Engines: Waukesha, Caterpillar, & Detroit 

· Reciprocating compressors: Ariel, Worthington, Cooper, White, Superior, HOS 

Compressor Failure of oil immersed scroll compressor in refrigeration service

(Mycom) Explosion and Fire Investigation, Claim Support, Litigation Support 

Crane Collapse and HRSG Damage

Investigation, Claim Support (Course of Construction $3M Property, $10M Delay in Start-up and Project Impact Claim) 

Deepcut Ethane Pump Fire

Investigation, Scope of Damage, Repair Assessment including Expedited repairs, Claim Support ($1.5M Property Damage)  

Fertilizer Reformer Furnace Fire

Scope of Damage, Claim Support  

Fluidized Biomass Electrical Generating Plant fire

Scope of Damage, Repair Support.  Included replacement of obsolete component parts. 

Gas Straddle Plant Fire

Operating plant, Investigation, Clerk of Works/Construction Surveyor, Claim Support ($20M Property, $30M Business Interruption)  

Downhole Packer Failure leading to well blowout


Heavy Oil Battery Fire from Treater Fire Tube failure

Operating plant incident, Claim Support ($15M Property Damage, $40M Business Interruption) 

High Voltage Substation Damage due to Flooding/Washout

Scope of Damage and Scope of Repair Assessment, Claim Support/Cost Analysis including Code and Betterment Valuation  ($5M Property Damage)   

Horizontal Liquids Storage Tank Vaccum Damage

Scope of Damage, Scope of Repair Assessment 

Industrial Equipment Component Assembly Plant

Employee Standards Risk Assessment  

Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear Failure

Investigation, Scope of Damage, Assessment of Repair, Replacement plan including Code Upgrade Assessment ($10M Property Damage)  

Multispectrum Aerial Surveying Equipment Damage due to aircraft accident

Damage Assessment ($1.5M Property Damage)    

Precision Production Machining Center Damage due to parts crash

Damage Assessment ($1.5M Property Damage)    

Precision Production Machine Center damaged during transport

Damage Assessment, Scope of Repair Assessment  

Oil Sands Fractionator Fire

Operating plant incident, Claim Support, ($200M Property, $900 M Business Interruption)  

Oil Sands Solvent Recovery Unit Fire

Course of Construction, Investigation Co-ordinator, Claim Support ($150M Property, $400M Delay in Start-up)  

Oil Sands Coker fire

Claim Support ($500M Property, $600M Business Interruption)   

Oil Sands Bitumen Heater Tube Failure

Claim Support ($15M Property Damage)  

Pile Driving equipment failures involving overloaded masts, improper setup & improper demobilization

Investigation, Scope of Damage (various values to $2M property damage) 

Pipeline Rupture and Pollution Liability

Claim Support (approx. $10M)  

Refinery Fire involving corrosion under insulation of piping

Scope of Damage and Cost Review ($USD 300M Property Damage)   

Surface Casing Failure causing loss of well control

Investigation, Claim Support   

Treater Fire from gasket failure

Investigation, Claim Support ($2.5M Property Damage)  

Various turbine failures


Investigation, Claim Support, Litigation Support

 · LN6000PA/PC, 

· Rolls Royce RB211N, 


Turbo Expander Dry Gas Seal Failures in Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) services

Investigation ($5M Property Damage) 

York Chiller Compressor failure

Scope of Damage, Repair assessment  

Well site dehydrator fire

Investigation, Claim Support