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Learn how we're uniquely qualified to handle your case.

E2I2 Consulting Inc. is uniquely qualified to streamline your investigation and claim. We are a mechanical engineering consultants where our people have real field experience, not just table top design experience or investigation training in school.

We can work within the framework of pre-packaged investigation software or can provide our own independent framework depending on the clients needs.

Support for Technical Claims


Claims are more than a simple bookkeeping exercise.

Make complicated claims simpler by choosing E2I2 Consulting Inc. to investigate and ensure your claim is properly supported. 

 **We go beyond investigations. Why hire more than one team? Decide how far you want take it. We have contacts in industry and insurance to help out. **  

Investigative Specialties

Explosion & Fire Investigations

Explosion & Fire Investigations

Explosion & Fire Investigations


 We focus on industrial processes and the oil and gas industry in particular - explosions and process-related fires are everyday business.   

Mechanical Failure Analysis

Explosion & Fire Investigations

Explosion & Fire Investigations


 Let us save you time and money with expertise earned from decades of field work. 

Damage & Repair Surveys

Explosion & Fire Investigations

Damage & Repair Surveys


 We're uniquely qualified to minimize the time spent defining the Scope of Damage, one of the biggest delays when making claims. 

Continuing Education


Ask About Our Seminars

 E2I2 Consulting Inc. provides a variety of Continuing Education seminars for Risk and Insurance claim managers, adjusters and lawyers. Please Contact Us if there is a topic you need to learn more about.