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Damage / Repair Surveys

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Our involvement in the claims process and understanding of what it takes to advance a claim means we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in properly identifying the scope of damage or repair to equipment. 

For residential or commercial claims, insurers can and do step in to run the claim complete with directing the repair contractors.  For industrial or third party claims, the operator or owner has to assess the damage and direct repairs.


We work with the equipment owner to identify the steps necessary to fully identify the scope of damage, and the steps necessary to repair the damage to return the equipment back to its pre-incident state.  The owner retains control of the process and the equipment can then be repaired in whatever way the owner wants with knowledge of what is required due to the incident.  

While the process sounds simple to us, it is one of the biggest delays in most claims.  Call us today and we will help guide you through the steps necessary or can confirm whether those steps were properly completed to protect everyone's interest and ensure a claim is properly valued.