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Claim Support Services

Let's make your claim straightforward.

Claims follow a defined process. Follow the process and the claim can progress smoothly. Skip steps and claims become delayed. At E2I2 Consulting Inc., we understand the process and can help clearly define the steps to translate what an adjuster wants into actions engineering personnel understand and can follow. 

The adjusting experience behind our engineers means we understand the nuances between things like Extra Expense, Expediting and Expense to Reduce loss. We provide reasonable methods to apply realistic values to betterments or code improvements based on actual rebuild experience rather than theoretical estimates based on estimating manual ideals. Similarly, we have the ability to provide understandable methods to determine the schedule impact of changes or non-incident related scopes of work. 

A crucial part of claims process is the reviewing of costs. This is more than a simple accounting or bookkeeping exercise. We understand the bills we are looking at and are better able to identify scope that doesn’t match what is expected. Just as importantly, we are also able to identify costs that appear missing from a claim to ensure the repair effort is properly tracked and all the expected costs are included and assessed. This makes the resolution of a claim smoother and faster and provides the increased confidence the claim is correct. 

E2i2 Consulting Inc. has worked with claimants in supporting and assembling claims, counsel in preparing or defending against a claim and Insurers in evaluating a claim.